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Welcome to The Underground Railroad

Shocking News: New Updates!!!! Check the Changelog. Please. Do it .... go on!!!

Welcome to The Underground Railroad - The most over-compensating chat on tor.
Are you looking for a fun - stress free, user friendly - totally secret awesome badass cool darkweb chat? That's such a coincidence, because that's what this is. All you have to do is press the Login button in the top right hand corner, enter your credentials, and start chatting. If you want to chat anonymously, just enter any nickname press Enter Chat straight away and get at it. We hope you have fun!

The Underground Rules

  1. No CP, Zoophilia, other Pornography, or Gore.
  2. Freedom of speech is welcomed, but be nice.
  3. Please be respectful to other chatters
  4. Please use meaningful and non-offensive nicknames. No pedo nicks.
  5. Please use English in the Main Chat please.
  6. Please no advertising with out staff approval .
  7. No drug or gun endorsements, or endorsements of other illegal markets.

~ Dasho ~


Changelog and News

(Yes, it's literally the changelog and news. Like just that.)

This is a record of improvements or milestones of the Chat. It could be very detailed, but only big things will be listed.

	  2021-06-17: - The Chatterbox has been updated to -> The Underground Railroad, in respect to the G2 update.
2021-01-06: - The Chatterbox source code has been released here.
2021-01-01: - Happy New Year!!!!
2020-12-28: - Server Updates and New Improvements.
2020-11-19: - Chatterbox v2 is coming soon with a all new built in (and JS free) git solution. Also, a new version of the Dashed Hosting is now in use with bug fixes and better configuration. Existing hostees can request an upgrade either here or via Sonar (make sure to include your project codename).
2020-10-27: - Chatterbox v1 is officially out!
2020-10-18: - Site in progress
- May 2021: The initiative of the G2 update began.
- Apr 2021: Curious Hosting updated to Dashed Droplets (Dashed Hosting)
- Mar 2021: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.
- Feb 2021: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.
- Jan 2021: Curious has a new alias ---> Dasho.
- Dec 2020: Second major update for Curious Hosting.
- Nov 2020: More Exciting News... Chat is released, and Curious Hosting has not only been released, but has also undergone it's first major update!!!
- Oct 2020: Exciting News... Chat is almost ready for release, and Curious Hosting is being released also!!!
- Sep 2020: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.
- Aug 2020: Curious has a new alias ---> Sokka.
- Jul 2020: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.
- Jun 2020: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.
- May 2020: Absolutly nothing interesting to share.



About The Chat

Spread the word

If you are passionate about promoting this chat, why not put a link to the site/chat in your regular forum profile signature? Go to your signature edit box and use something like this:

[b][size=100][bgcolor=#121525][color=#166FA6][/color][color=#F7F7F7]The Underground Railroad:[/color][color=#166FA6] [/color][/bgcolor][/size] [size=100][bgcolor=#C13B5B][color=#F7F7F7]The dopest chat of darkweb.[/color][color=#C13B5B][/color][/bgcolor][/size][/b]

Ideas and to-do's that need your input

If you have theme ideas for the chat - or other improvements you'd like to see implemented, just contact a member of staff. Your feedback is highly appreciated.